Driller Entertainment Inc. is a recording studio based in Houston, TX; Driller Entertainment Inc. is also a music enthusiast that helps artists with talent get signed to indie or major labels. Tha PHounDation’s on the verge to getting discovered. They have already performed at some major festivals and prestigious venues, and their online presence is growing every day. Check them out at www.thaphoundation.com
Production began instantly on their mixtape “Phrom Tha Ground Up”. The mixtape has been a huge success and fans are looking forward to Tha Phoundation’s new album coming out soon.

Driller Entertainment Inc. also represents an unknown genre-less artist known as C-Licka. C-Licka’s sound is extremely different because he is a product of his own taste in music. Ranging from Jam Band to Hip Hop, C-Licka has many different styles he makes his own. He is currently working on his new album.




Behind the Scenes video of Tha PHounDation recording their newest singles